Monday, December 26, 2011

Outpost 207 version 2.012

Welcome to the re-vision of Royal Rangers, Outpost 207, World Harvest Church.  We are pleased to update everyone by way of our "blog" and we look forward to a new season of Reaching, Teaching, Keeping boys for Christ.

While nationally we have undergone some "face changes" to include updating the curriculum, we remain focused on our ministry to boys by way of Godly mentoring.  Our leaders are committed first to Christ personally and by our modeling of Christ, we expect to impart Christian values and principles as we join with them to pursue adventure.  Our adventures take us through the Christ centered curriculum to encourage boys to excel in the accomplishment of merits which are of direct interest to each boy, allowing him to choose from a wide variety of interesting subjects.  It may be technology, sports, science, literature, outdoors, nature, and certainly ministry.

Royal Rangers is intended to be boy lead, adult facilitated in order to give each boy opportunities to experience leadership first hand, training boys to become leaders as they grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially.  It is intended that each boy move forward into his next generation equipped to be leaders serving God in a life-long ministry in his family, community, and church.

Join us this year as we are set to celebrate nationally with the 50th Anniversary of Royal Rangers, and to attend the National Camporama at Eagle Rock, Missouri, July 9 - 13, 2012.  This will be an adventure for all who attend and the planning is fully underway to provide exciting ministry, games, fun, and fellowship while celebrating the ministry that began in 1962 under the leadership of our first national commander, Johnny Barnes.  We invite you to find the Camporama website at and review the planning for this great event.

As we move forward into 2012, we leave behind the hindrances and limitations of the past, and embrace all that God has for Royal Rangers at World Harvest Church, following the re-vision of our Pastor as he lays out the plans given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and imparted to each of the leaders of this great ministry.  We join hand in hand with our Pastor and the leadership of the Royal Rangers ministry to make a difference one boy at a time but to every boy within our reach, trusting God's direction and Word to impact every boy and his family.

We trust you will join with us in support of the mission and goals to make a difference in the same way Christ did, as He went about doing good, teaching, delivering, healing, and all the while advancing the kingdom of God through everyday living.

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