Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blue Jeans .. Everywhere!

Did you ever notice how many people and how many places you find "blue jeans", .. not just in the country, but in the stores, on the streets, in the church, every fellowship, every corner of the world we visit regardless of culture (no I haven't been in every country of the world, but notice the pictures you find).

We wear them to work, play, shop, and to church, as an accepted form of wear.  There are some variations in color, some with bedazzles, many with holes, some hanging by a thread, some barely hanging (in need of a belt or suspenders), but everywhere.

This I believe began as a western form of wear for cowboys, but every manufacturer of denim has certainly found the market that won't go away anytime soon, for girls as well of course.

As such, I want to remind you, that YES, the Royal Rangers endorse wearing blue jeans (neatly, not hanging to reveal what we shouldn't see) as part of our Utility Uniform.  Boys and men have been wearing blue jeans for some years now in Royal Ranger activities, especially campouts or field events.  They have been accepted as part of the Ranger Kids uniform with the Red RK Shirts and now with the new Utility Khaki shirts as a part of the uniform for everyone.  The National Royal Rangers Commander wears them as well.

We can tell you there is a uniform that is considered Class A, that must be Khaki, both pants and shirt, but this is not a requirement except for some camps and for leaders who will be in a position of representing a more formal appearance for Royal Ranger Conferences and Training Seminars, etc.

The blue jeans are with us to an indefinite period of time and will save money for parents and leaders alike since we can wear them with the Utility Shirt, Ranger wear such as t-shirts and includes of course Ranger sweatshirts.

While we still ask that all Ranger wear be washed for the next wear, every boy and leader is at home with blue jeans, and it is the wear of choice, accepted all over the country and world.

Welcome to denim wear for Royal Rangers.  While my mother used to iron them for me, .. well I haven't been able to keep up with that, but out of the dryer they are normally neat and ready to wear.  Wear them in confidence and pride as part of our Royal Ranger uniform.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Royal Rangers Going Forward

Remembering our Elder Tom Bender, a great supporter, friend, and active member of Outpost 207.  We miss you Elder Bender.

What a year 2011!  Let's see what God has in store for Outpost 207 in 2012!

Yes, we have some changes and challenges, but His Word at work in us and for us will propel us forward to what the vision reveals in 2012.  With scheduling changes come adjustments as to how we accomplish the goals and expectations of "mentoring men for the future", but always know our mission has not changed for "reaching, teaching, and keeping boys for Christ".  We will continue to evangelize, equip, and empower boys to be lifelong servants of God.

With the support of our Children's Ministries leadership under the direction of our Pastor, we will move forward to provide the training, ministry, activities of interest to the boys, and certainly providing opportunity for boys to gain leadership experience.  Our Royal Ranger leaders are already planning on ways to implement the word in all we do this year, following the directive of our Pastor to put first priority on the Word, reading through the bible this year.  Our boys have full opportunity to not only read the Word, but receive merit awards for each book read.

This year, 2012, is the 50th Anniversary of Royal Rangers, nationally, and as such we are planning to attend the 2012 National Camporama in Eagle Rock, Missouri in July.  Camporama, is held every four years, but this year will be special, with the celebration of 50 years of Royal Rangers, active all over the United States and around the world.  We are encouraging as many as can to attend this exciting camp of ministry, fun and adventure, to include fellowship with Rangers from all over the nation and world.

There is much to do and few hands to do it, but we trust God will bless the work of all the hands attending to this great ministry.  We want to invite every man who has a heart for boys and who will give some time each week to our boys, to join us.  Training will come, but only if there are men who will come to receive it and then run with it.  The rewards may only be known in eternity, but, it only takes one boy won to Christ or seeing a boys life changed, to remind us of the importance of mentoring future men for Christ.

Senior Commander