Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Royal Rangers Outpost 207

Welcome to Outpost 207's blog.  We will embark on a clean slate for 2011 and plans are underway to improve and bring new adventure to our ministry of men, mentoring future men, .. Reaching, Teaching, and Keeping boys for Christ.

It is our desire to have you go along with us and to be a part of what God will do this year through World Harvest Church Royal Rangers.  We are anticipating new growth and of course adding new leaders as well as boys to our outpost.  We invite you to consider being an integral part of this ministry to families at World Harvest Church, and the lives of others who we touch through this ministry.

As we begin our meetings for 2011, January 16th, Sunday evenings at 7 PM, we will plan to bring new focus on what we are about, and how we do what this ministry calls for.  While some changes are necessary to comply with the National enhancements of Royal Rangers, there will be much that will not change, because it's working.  Curriculum in content will see some changes, but the mission and goals of Royal Rangers both Nationally and locally will NOT change as we devote our goals to evangelizing, equipping and empowering boys.  Our commitment is the same, as we mentor future men.

Locally we will work toward improving our visibility and effectiveness, through activities, service, and improved communication, for the boys, families, leadership and ministry of World Harvest Church. We will work to insure our boys are offered greater opportunity to advance in skills, rank, and recognition of their achievements.

All the above takes devoted leadership and that's where you may be able to add your strength to this ministry.  As God calls each of us to go forward in 2011, winning the lost, discipleship of all we win, empowering those who already walk in right relationship through salvation, it will take additional leaders who are committed to following that calling of God to our children and youth.  Our boys are the leaders not only of tomorrow, but already today are beginning to take their places in the church.  Some will take our place at a point where God so ordains.

While there is a process to follow at World Harvest Church, it begins with stepping up to the plate to say "count me in".  We invite you to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart right now about joining us.  You will in the coming year realize what God has done in you and this ministry, as you look at the new face of Royal Rangers in 2011-2012.

Join with us in Royal Rangers and see what God will do.

God's blessing to each of you today.

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