Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Royal Ranger Groups

Welcome to Outpost 207, Royal Rangers at World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio.  These are our groups as follows:

  Ranger Kids are grades Kindergarten through Second grade.  They are learning through hands on crafts, drawing/coloring, theme achievements, and certainly active games and events.  While we do not have overnight camping outdoors at this age range, we do sometimes have overnight activities such as indoor "camp" with games, and of course food.  We are able to share God's word with them throughout their activities and meetings.

Discovery Rangers are grades Three through Five.  At this age range we begin to do overnight camping, but many other activities and events geared to the level of abilities and interests.  Advancements focus on additional hands on skills such as ropecraft, firecraft, toolcraft, compass, first aid, camping, but additionally we are now working on Bible merits.  Boys grow four ways: mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.  We challenge boys in all these as they learn leadership skills throughout our events, which includes recreation/games as they play and learn together.  They may also attend leadership camps designed for their ages.

 Adventure Rangers are grades Six through Eight.  We continue to offer activities and events, with hands on training aimed at developing leadership skills, and life skills as they work on merits which help develop them mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.  Our focus in all our meetings is our devotion time and gives them opportunity to hear with understanding on their level about God's word and what God has for each of us as we grow.  They are eligible to participate in Junior Leadership Training Camps as well as pursue the Gold Medal of Achievement, a top award for Royal Rangers.  Our training in grades Three through Twelve is merit driven.

Expedition Rangers are grades Nine through Twelve.  Here we are on a more independent but directed course of life skills as young men are finding their way toward a career choice, life choices in relationships, and leadership skills, many already developing by roles they are engaged in.  Activities and events are aimed to include "extreme games" and the most advanced skill levels available to boys and young men.  Our Spirit Challenge curriculum offers each an opportunity to voice their questions and views of what God has to say and show, while we minister God's word with them.  Some will return afterward to become adult leaders for this ministry, and certainly other ministries in the church.

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  1. Please continue to read the earlier post and consider your participation in our ministry to boys through Royal Rangers.

  2. I would like to use every means possible to communicate with parents, boys, and leaders for our outpost, but will pursue this blog if only there is an interest and it's honestly useful. Otherwise, it's just posts that go no where. Comment or send me an email if you find it to be useful.